Services We Offer

Custom ECU Remapping for Cars, 4×4’s, SUV’s, Trucks & Buses, Tractors, Heavy Machinery, Boats, Motorcycles & Jet Ski’s        

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Deletes, Removal & Emulation 

Supply and Fitment of High Quality Exhaust Systems, Intakes, Suspension & Performance Components


cts-it-220.1V-MAXXMilltek MK7 VW Golf RFMDV008

Whether your wanting to unlock the hidden power potential of your vehicle, improve economy or add bolt-on performance upgrades…

We have the expertise and product to deliver the results!  




Mk5 Golf – Pirelli Edition.. Power up 35%!

Don’t come across too many of these .. but basically with a Golf R type set up running through only 2 wheels – you can expect mayhem.. We recently Stage 2 tuned this one and popped a 3″ turbo back system on it… One angry little car post tune; power up a whopping 35% and …

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C6 Audi RS6 biturbo v10

C6 V10 biturbo RS6 Audi in for a remap this week …. coming out stock with 572 bhp at crank … out the door with a touch under 700… suffice to say…  what the customer said “Awesome, sits you back in the seat even worse than before” was bang on .. absolute weapons post tune… …

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