Toyota & Lexus Tuning

Toyota tuning has long been wished for in New Zealand and whilst we were the first to actually remap a Toyota, we have now got an exclusive range of tooling which not only allows us to tune the Toyota range but also without having to open ANY ecu!

Not even on the cruisers that others have to risk opening to try and work on.

We have the fastest most reliable tooling available and together with our dedicated development team have created a fantastic array of tunes cover a wide range of model but with a strong focus on the commercial vehicles of Hilux, Hiace and Cruiser.


These tunes are without doubt top-notch and the results with now hundreds of happy customers speak for themselves.

Below is just a few of the dyno sheets we have with our team in Australia also.

2007 Hilux D4D 

2013 Hilux Manual AgriTune




2015 D4D Hiace Manual  
Agri Tune Lion


2007 Hilux D4D

2007 Hilux D4D Agri Tune


2013 200 Series Cruiser 

unspecified (5)

Model coverage is still work in progress for a lot of models, but development has been a focal point and a comprehensive coverage list isn’t far away… Contact Us directly for further information on tuning your Toyota or Lexus.


Toyota & Lexus FAQ

How much power can you give me? It depends on your vehicle model, we are seeing up to +50% torque and +35% horsepower on the 1KD FTV Hilux and Hiace engines. Can you save me fuel? We have seen a drop in fuel consumption of 14 to 20 percent in all of our development vehicles …

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