Toyota & Lexus FAQ

How much power can you give me?

It depends on your vehicle model, we are seeing up to +50% torque and +35% horsepower on the 1KD FTV Hilux and Hiace engines.

Can you save me fuel?

We have seen a drop in fuel consumption of 14 to 20 percent in all of our development vehicles using an economy based tune so that is a resounding YES!

How much more boost will you give my engine?

Just a few PSI most of the time and in some cases no boost will be added to a specific tune. At most the increase would be just 3psi. We don’t need to use excessive boost levels to make power.

What AFR (Air Fuel Ratios) and EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) levels will the engine have after the tune?

After extensive tuning we have found many Toyota diesel engines to have an AFR of around 16:1-20:1 directly after the turbo.
EGT’s are always at safe levels with our tunes. Remember that richer air fuel ratios do not necessarily mean extra heat. The nature of the turbo set up on the Toyota’s allows us to keep efficiency up whilst keeping temperatures in check. We never turn off any safeguards or sensors in any vehicle we tune.

Do you add any piggy back chips or install any units into my ECU?

No, we specialise in reprogramming of factory ECU hardware, we have full access to the ECU’s memory stores and microprocessor data.

Does a “Brand Name” chip do the same thing?

In short no, all these “chips” on the market are piggy back systems and lie to the ecu via the common rail, boost and other sensors to make more power by upping boost and changing injection parameters .
Can they make more power? Yes, but their job can be done better by a ECU remap or re-program as its not over driving systems without the ECU knowing and over riding factory protection systems.

Will it void my warranty?

No it wont void your entire warranty. While we have our on warranty on what we offer, we don’t replace the factory warranty. Your factory warranty is still valid on your vehicle. For example if your air con pump fails this should be covered under factory warranty; if your clutch fails and you have our high performance tune it may not be covered due to putting up to 50% more torque through the drive line. If you have any doubts about where you stand please talk to your warranty provider.

Do I need an exhaust or intake before the tune?

No you don’t. Our extensive testing has shown minimal gains from intakes and exhausts on the Hilux’s in particular. In some cases where the vehicle may be used for heavy towing, an exhaust will help with lowering exhaust gas temperatures.