Sep 27

Adblue Off Box | Adblue Removal | Adblue Delete | AdBlue Off

Adblue off box is your solution to all of your adblue problems. Firstly the initial cost of the adblue. Secondly the vehicle adblue problems once they start are very costly to fix they can even be up to £5000 to replace. Thirdly adblue system even increases the diesel consumption by 2-5% from truck to truck. So the adblue off box can save you money year after year.


The Adblue off box currently works and is supported for the following makes of trucks:

  • DAF
  • MAN

When placing an order please state the make of trucks each box is programmed to the individual make.

You will receive fitting instructions with your purchase and you may need to get an auto electrician to fit the unit for you.

Please note: The removal of the adblue system is illegal in certain countries we cannot be held responsible if this device is fitted in any of these countries it is ultimately the buyers responsibility to check before fitting.

Please contact us for more info and pricing on these units