Dec 02

BMW 335i tuning

The BMW 335i as well as its fellow BMW M3 are great vehicles to tune, responding well to fine ecu remapping and engine tuning.

NZ Performance Tuning can give very significant additional power and torque completely transforming the BMW 335 tuning, giving huge additional midrange power and acceleration, and now a massive 78bhp

The new NZ Performance Tuning software remaps the BMW torque to over 450bls

NZ Performance Tuning can tune almost the whole range of BMW vehicles, supplying both ECU remapping, engine tuning and BMW performance parts. The BMW 335i and BMW M3 tuning is very responsive, as is the BMW Diesel range of vehicles the BMW 320 and BMW 330 tuning completely transforms the vehicles power delivery whilst typically delivery a fuel saving of around 10-12%

NZ Performance Tuning BMW Tuning is available for virtually all the BMW range of vehicles, including the BMW 1 series,  3, 5 and 7 series,  BMW X3, X5 and X6 series tuning as well as the full range on BMW M series tuning and ecu remapping

We have Milltek exhausts available for the 335i and M3