Mar 25

Suzuki Kizashi ECU remap

Suzuki Kizashi ECU on the bench, just a few wires to solder…

“It’s a definite improvement, especially when driven in ‘manual’ mode.  I’d still like more from her, but I also can’t turn her into something she isn’t – she was always a ‘compromise’ car (ideally I would have gone for a V6 Calais, but I didn’t really want to spend that much at this time and other than performance the Kizashi ticks all the boxes).  I love how she looks and the fact there are very few of them around and she definitely has all the bells and whistles anyone could wish for, but at the end of the day I am coming to the view that the drive is a little too sanitised / sterile for me (and the CVT drives me a little nuts at times).

Thanks for all your help – she is way better than before and if I hadn’t got you guys to do what you did I think she would be getting quite annoying by now.”