Jan 10

Tuning Boxes vs ECU Remaps

There is a age old debate to what tuning solution is best for your vehicle


There are 2 common ways of tuning your car,truck or tractor.

ECU Remap

This is a full change of the factory engine software, many things can be changed such as torque limiters, smoke limiters, rev limits, timing, boost, fueling and much much more. The ECU still has control over the engine parameters at all times. When the vehicle’s own original software is modified, we can control exactly what areas we want to , not just switch to a higher setting not knowing what the actual setting equates to.

Tuning Boxes (Some times called Tuning Box, ECU Chip, Diesel Chip, Tuning chip, Diesel Power Chips, Diesel performance module) are certainly not the preferred choice of NZ Performance Tuning.

Some companies refer to this as a chip when it is not. These are interceptor boxes which modify signals going to the ecu. The fundimentals of a these boxes can be  quite crude and simple. Theycan  lie to the ECU via the fuel railpressure sensor  and sometimes boost sensors so that the ECU ups fuelling and/or boost. The potential danger here is that the ecu thinks it is doing the correct job when in fact it may not be. Suppliers will tell you that the ecu is working inside its normal parameters and indeed the ecu thinks it is, but due to the altered signals it receives, it may in fact be doing damage to the engine and drive train.



We at NZ Performance Tuning prefer the use of full ECU remaps rather than  using  boxes  to fool the ECU, we want to give our customers peace of mind and longevity of their engines. We have full warranty backing to cover all our work, not just a ‘you can take it off and no one will know’ attitude.

 Most of these boxes are available cheaply over the internet simply by googling ‘tuning box, diesel box etc’.

Here is a section of boxes available in the New Zealand market place that NZ Performance Tuning has removed from vehicles recently.