Nov 03

VW Golf R … The Ultimate Sleeper!

This Golf R recently in for Stage 2 upgrades exceeded all expectations

  • Super aggressive acceleration all the way up to 4th gear and beyond

  • The amount of torque after stage 2 was mind blowing

  • Every gear is bang bang bang – max torque

Would make a very capable track car …. very little doubt the Golf R is one of best bang for buck cars after a tuning there is …

These results speak for themselves….

Golf R Stage 1 & 2

Golf R


Come see us if you want release the real potential of your Golf R, GTI … even your Polo GTI


Dec 18

Toyota D4D diesel Hilux and Hiace ECU tuning has arrived

Toyota D4D diesel Hilux and Hiace ECU tuning has arrived. Get in touch if you would like more info our your Hilux or Hiace remapped. No piggy back units, full ECU reprogramming!


We can now reprogram 2.5 D4D and 3.0 D4D and may other Toyota ECU’s.

No need for piggy back chips that modify signals to fuel rail, boost pressure sensors and EGT fail safe systems.


This is a world first! DPF removal for Toyota Hiace is in development.



Dec 16

Peugeot 407 2.7 HDI (diesel) in for DPF removal.

Peugeot 407 2.7 HDI (diesel) in for DPF removal. The DPF had started to collapse!



Dec 16

Mercedes GL450 CDI in for a ECU remap

Mercedes GL450 CDI in for a ECU remap. More performance and better economy!



Dec 16

Mazda 6 MPS with a few CorkSport performance parts in for a remap

Mazda 6 MPS with a few CorkSport performance parts in for a remap. Parts included, rear diff mount, intercooler, HPFP and more!


mazda 6 mps

Dec 16

BMW 335D remap and DPF delete

Eurologik‘s BMW 335D in this months NZ Performance Car magazine running 375 HP with just a tune. Much more to come from this car in the future!



eurologik 335d

Dec 16

2011 Isuzu Dmax Dyno

2011 Isuzu Dmax 3 litre manual dyno results from last week. Absolute transformation in drivability and just for added measure nearly 1.5 litres per 100 better on fuel.

2011 Isuzu Dmax Dyno


Dec 16

2011 VW Touareg DPF problems fixed

2011 VW Touareg in for a remap and DPF removal due to the DPF being full of soot and in limp mode.


2011 VW Touareg

Dec 15

We are now tuning the VW Golf MK7 GTI and R

We are now tuning the VW Golf MK7 GTI and R. Please get in touch with us for more info.


We are able to tune nation wide, Auckland, Taupo, Wellington, Palmerston North, Nelson, Christchurch and many more city’s.


golf r 7



Nov 18

Rotiform VCE 3PC wheels

Tyler from Helmart Helmet Design‘s BMW 118D on set of custom Rotiform 3 piece LVS, running air ride. These wheels are stunning in person.
Rotiform LVS 3pc

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