SUPERSPRINT:  The experts and Tuners choice in design and technology for high performance sport exhaust systems, since 1955.

We offer sport exhaust systems for all cars, with special care taken on luxury and supercars and we are able to design and produce the best exhaust components that significantly improve the sound level and performance output.

Attention to detail, design and uniqueness of our exhausts are the distinctive sign of Supersprint, a 100% genuine handcrafted Italian product.

Requirements of stock low volume street engines are much different from high revving, high horsepower race engines.  Supersprint treats each situation individually to produce the best possible part for the intended use.

We use thin wall 304/310S stainless steel and Inconel silencers and tubings to guarantee lifetime and extremely light exhaust systems.  Whether for street or race use, we research, design, test, and build exhaust systems around each engine’s performance characteristics.

Exhaust flow rates and velocity are dramatically increased by Supersprint designs while still retaining factory OEM diameter tubes. People should know that it is easier to loose horsepower through misuse of larger diameter tubing and casually designed silencers.

A critical balance between lower back pressure level and flow rate must be ensured for optimum performance. When Supersprint develops a system for a new car, hand built prototypes are made and extensively dyno tested, rebuilt and re-tested. This leaves no room for assumptions.

Combinations of tubes and perforated cores with ideal outside diameter ranging from 32mm (with 2mm. 3mm, and 5mm increments in size) up to 80mm are utilized for best results. Only modifications that create proven performance in mid-range torque, and top end power increases, qualify for final production. There is no make-do engineering at Supersprint.

Supersprint recommends the use of complete exhaust systems (manifold, HJS hi-flow cats, center & rear muffler) to achieve the highest performance gains.


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