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2016 VW Mk7 Golf R – Stage 2  


“Wow what a difference !!  car has woken up and hauls arse 😉

Way less lag and far better throttle response… then there’s the feral acceleration, will take a while to get used to this mate ;p”



Mark – Rapid Radio


2010 Mini 1.6D R56


“The torque increase, being a diesel the increase at the bottom end of the rev range made the car feel much more lively and responsive. Acceleration now feels effortless”

“For the % increase in both power and torque it has to be the easiest and cheapest method to improve a cars performance”



S Spicer



2007 Mercedes ML63 AMG


“Cheers mate Yeah the throttle response definitely improved, and leans out really well. Pulls harder than before…”


A Fallas


2009 B8 Audi S4 Supercharged


“Nice job on my B8 S4. Who needs an RS4!
The S4 now has a very noticable increase in power, better gear changes and acceleration is greatly improved. The guys were very professional and Im hard to impress.
Worth the money. Think I will be back for a new intake next.
My only issue is that my wife had decided its now her car so I’m not getting to use it much.”


Joe Holden


2010 BMW 335i N55


“Pretty awesome. Managed to control it a bit more at the lights. When it kicks in at 3k wow. Definitely noticeable! Thanks!


A Segar


2009 Audi A4 3.0 TDI


“I was the lucky winner of the free ecu tune.

When I picked up the car I was frothing, the car turned into a weapon instantly.

It now has smooth strong power ad has increased the feeling of being thrown back in your seat a lot.

I dragged a Golf R at the lights last week and I was half a car length in front of it. That car would have whooped me before the tune!

If you’re on the fence about a tune, just get her done these guys are the pros to leave your baby with.

Thanks a lot”


Nic Wike



2012 Mitsubishi Triton 


“Oh I’m loving the tune on the 4 speed Triton. Turbo lags still there obviously but not as pronounced as it was. Plus once that turbo kicks in its insane. Acceleration is killer and power is there all through the revs. It just keeps pulling. It loves to be driven quickly, you can feel theres so much power left. Had nothing of the sort before the tune. I haven’t seen a difference in economy but that’s due to my heavy foot. It’s Christmas every time I put the pedal down. Great thing is the economy hasn’t gotten worse even after pushing it so I assume if i drive like normal I’d see it. All in all I’m thrilled with it. I understand the black Triton with a 5 speed auto wasnt tuned as far as it could be and it definitely shows when you drive it. Not as powerful as the 4 speed but theres a definite change as well. We may call in sometime down the line to increase the tune if possible but we will see how it goes.”




2007 Audi RS4

“Hey mate,

The car is epic, I can’t recommend the exhausts and remap enough – I still drive around with a sore jaw from laughing so hard at how insane it sounds! It’s like getting the car the RS4 wanted to be.

Sound is great, there’s a slight bass drone from 1,900-1,950 if you’re in a very high gear (and being picky) but you subconsciously adjust driving and you don’t hit it as often with correct gearing – and nobody as a passenger has commented on it. I have no regrets on valved either – getting unresonated and valved gives you the animal but you’ve got a leash that works fairly well. It’s still an easy 30% louder valves closed than in sport mode on stock.

With the ECU you notice that the pickup is slightly faster, there’s an urgency that the engine has like it’s had a coffee. Non technical feedback right here! I’ve noticed lower gas consumption – long distance I did around 580kms on a tank, and that’s still getting used to the exhaust and giving it a bit of poo here and there.

Service wise you guys are champs – I’m in Welly right now and any car I get from now on I’d take to you. Even if it means driving up there again.”



 2008 Audi S3

“I was referred to NZPT by an Auckland European car dealership. I wanted to make my Audi S3 drive more aggressively, but the fear of mechanical issues made me wary of modifications. When I consulted NZPT, I realised these fears were unfounded, as David and Hans talked me through my options, and explained what the outcome would be. I have used them for every stage of modification to my car, and have absolutely no regrets. David and Hans are professional and friendly and provide excellent post-sales support. Their enthusiasm and knowledge of all things to make cars ‘go fast’ is impressive to say the least. These guys are petrol-heads with style. They are (and have been) my first recommendation to anyone that is interested in modifying their car. I will most definitely be using them again for my current, and future vehicles.”


 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

“Lis and I are both very happy with the enhanced performance of the Cayenne following your remap.   It’s noticeably quicker and boost appears to come on earlier which makes it a little more responsive in terms of accessing the power.  It’s still super smooth though which is great.  Often turbo vehicles are “all or nothing” in terms of the boost coming on.”


Peugeot 307 diesel 

“Hi Dave, I know it has been quite a while since you refashed my 307, however, I had to return to Australia unexpectedly in June last year and have only recently returned to New Zealand. I have included the comments from my original email at the bottom of this email.

Here is an update on how the car is performing after 3,840 k’s. These are the figures from the trip computer.

3,840 @ 4.7 L/100 KM This is mainly city driving, but not bumper to

bumper traffic, so mostly moving at steady speeds.

These are the figures for a recent trip from Tauranga to Auckland, including, quite a bit of city and bumper to bumper driving through peak hour Auckland traffic.

455 @ 3.8 L/100 KM

These figures include the trip to Auckland and our normal town driving around Tauranga since.

833 @ 4.3 L/100 KM

All of this driving has been at the posted limits.

The average fuel consumption prior to the reflash was 5.6L/100 KM and now it is 4.7 L/100 KM. There was more highway driving prior to the reflash so that would mean the improvement in fuel consumption is even better.

So, overall, there has been a very significant improvement in power and fuel

consumption, making the car much easier to drive!

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the result of the reflash or with the service you provided. Please feel free to use my comments as a testimonial if you wish.”

Kind regards,



 BMW 335 diesel

“So, feedback as to how my remap went. Wow, seriously wow. I’m not into compromise so uploading an aggressive remap  I considered just might be over doing it.

Realistically I appreciate economy, I also appreciate an enthusiastic response when one hits the encourage pedal. I am so pleased to say that here both happily reside together. Average fuel consumption 6.3 litres / 100k, over a 400 k trip. One needs to be aware that there was fun a plenty had also. Makes the returned figures so much more than satisfactory. I like a broad functional range… means good response down low and slow… smooth and enjoyable. I also like the fast and exhilarating and digging the toes in where necessary, or just desired. There’s a place for it all. And one can choose how and when. Smooth as silk to… well, nuts.

Sooo fun, and beyond happy.

I enjoyed the matter of fact confidence of the boys. Instilled peace in me and clearly this blurb.”

Subaru Legacy GT

“I was looking at doing a few modifications to my Legacy GT and was very impressed with NZ Performance Tuning as they advised me on what we could do for the least amount of money, but to still get the greatest performance upgrades. They really listened to what i wanted and advised me on my options and prices. Dave made sure that i was happy with the upgrades before the car was given back to me and never tried to push anything on me. I was extremley impressed with what they did when i got the car back. The extra power from the ECU map was incredible, the car drives smoother and more responsive then ever before. The handling upgrades improved on an already good suspension system without ruining the standard setup. If you are looking at upgrading your car these are the guys to see. They will work within your budget and give you exactly what you want !”



Scaina Truck

“Thanks for fixing our scania, we have been struggling to get the engine to run right it has always been low on power and it has been at the dealer many times to get it fixed for the last 4 years and haven’t been able to. Your remap solved 99.9%of all the issues we had with the truck. It has a hiab mounted and we even noticed smoother running when on high idle.

We will get our other truck done as well soon.”

Thanks heaps

Bullock carriers


“It has taken I bit of effort to get it right but it was worth it. I am up 1 whole gear on Arthurs pass and could not believe the fuel saving. Normally the fuel gauge would be in the red very close to empty and after the remap i still had just under a ¼ of tank left when returned to the depot, that would be about 40 litres .Am very pleased with the remap using less fuel and more power.

It has been worth every cent.”

Thank you


Driver for Aratuna freighters


Scania R420

“Thanks for the upgrade you did on my scania r420 the truck is running a lot smoother . The fuel numbers are great. My truck was doing 2.3km per litre and now is getting 2.5km per litre. My night driver is over the moon with the extra power it is producing . I will recommend it to anybody else don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.

Thanks a lot.”


Peter Munro Contractors
Earthmoving/road transport


Scania 2007 R470

“On the Hobsonville run the truck was doing 2.26km/litre, this was increased to 2.46km/litre after the ECU remap saving us between $6-7k a year which is fantastic especially since we have 18 trucks in our fleet”

Peter Pascoe

FH12 Volvo Truck

“My FH12 2005 Volvo is running great, it has gone from 460 to 520hp after the Economy ECU remap and I am saving 41 litres of fuel between Auckland and Turangi which equates to at least $10k a year.”

Gavin from Recaro Holdings

2002 Mercedes Actros Truck

“After a life time of performance problems with this truck, it is finally going as it really should. It is a whole gear up on Arthurs Pass and fuel left in the tank on return thanks to the Performance ECU remap”

Brian, driver for Aratuna Freighters