Heavy Machinery Tuning

Whether you want higher power, more torque and smoother gains across the rev range, a broader power band or simply better fuel economy then NZ Performance Tuning have the knowledge and capability to shape your engines characteristics around the way you drive.

All of this is done by working with, instead of against the original vehicle systems. The vehicle can be completely returned to its original state at any time

NZ Performance Tuning is the answer for the customer who cares about performance and quality. We do not change settings to dramatic levels or use boost spiking for that ‘feels quick’ effect, where in reality performance would be lowered where an ECU can adapt out these dangerous levels. Instead we tailor many changes throughout the rev range altering many perimeters – others neglect to give optimal performance throughout.

Machinery now covered – includes motors from : JCB, CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Hyundai and more…..

Will my machinery be out of service?

Most of the time we perform all work on site so the truck is not out of action for any time at all.

We have dealers that service most corners of the country! Using the latest tooling and hardware we are able to perform the upgrades on the vast majority of vehicles without the need to remove the ECU.

What are the benefits of remapping?

  • Increased working capacity

  • Decreased fuel consumption

  • Smoother  running due a optimized engine parameters

  • Increased  productivity

  • Reduced fuel consumption by up to 20%

  • Increase machinery power by up to 30%