Marine Tuning

Whether you want higher power, more torque and smoother gains across the rev range, a broader power band, or simply better fuel economy then NZ Performance Tuning  have the knowledge and capability to shape your engines characteristics around the way you drive your boat.

All of this is done by working with, instead of against the original vehicle systems. The boat can be completely returned to its original state at any time.

NZ Performance Tuning is the answer for the customer who cares about performance and quality. We do not change settings to dramatic levels , where in reality performance would be lowered where an ECU can adapt out these dangerous levels. Instead we tailor many changes throughout the rev range altering many perimeters – others neglect to give optimal performance throughout

NZ Performance Tuning rewrites the software in the engines ECU providing more power delivered exceptionally smoothly, with the additional benefit of better fuel economy.  We cover the following makes: Mercruiser, Iveco, Volvo Penta, VW, Scania, Yanma,  however we are continually adding to these and if you don’t see your make covered then please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.



[notice]Remapping available for Mercruiser, Iveco, Volvo Penta, VW, Scania, Yanmar and many more[/notice]

[important]Why get a remap on your marine engine?[/important]

For the boat owner a remap means much better control, improves acceleration, and increased fuel economy.

Gains of between 8-15% power in petrol engines and up to 30% increases in power and torque in diesel engines as well as 8 – 20% improved fuel consumption are not uncommon when remapping a boat engine.

We can remap nearly all engines that have an ECU and many of these can be modified using the vehicle diagnostic port. This means that there is no physical sign of alteration – therefore your warranty remains intact.

[notice]All of our engine tuning is ‘Custom’ written by our expert tuners taking into account your requirements. We modify from a copy of the data from your ECU and not from a stock library file[/notice]