Oct 20

Turbo Shop join the dealer network in Dunedin

We are super stoked to welcome aboard Mike and the team down at the Turbo Shop in Dunedin to the New Zealand Performance Tuning & Tuning Dynamics network..

The Turbo Shop specialize in race, rally, drag & street vehicles and combined have 50+ years of experience in the trade doing everything from performance modifications to import performance / sport compact vehicles, dyno tuning, supply and fitment of quality performance parts, engine building, jet boats, speedway race cars, even aircraft and not to mention everyday general car repairs, servicing and Warrant of Fitness.

So needless to say they are the folks to see in Dunedin now that they’ll have the capability to tune / remap the factory ECU on your ute, van, 4×4, performance car, daily driver and even mums shopping cart… and get them performing how they should have when you drove it off the lot…

Give them a call today to see what they can do for your vehicle!


14 Manor Place
Dunedin, 9016

P | 03 477 3148
E | info@turboshop.co.nz

Click the image below the image below to head to their website…